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Our next book is Ends by Joe Macleod and Joe will join us via video call for a discussion!

As consumers and providers we overlook the importance of healthy, coherent endings.

There was once a rich culture of reflection and responsibility, but over recent centuries this has been lost, producing a mixture of long term societal oversight and short term denial. We are left with a bias customer lifecycle that is limited to the exciting vocabulary geared strictly around all things new. Giving rise to guilt-free consumers, an overly-blamed business sector and a society which finds itself at a loss when it needs to grapple with responsibility and consumptions biggest ills.

In a world awash with start-ups and new tech, this book tells you why its critical we start considering endings.

Meetup details:

The next meeting is Tuesday 15th October 2019 from 6:15-8:30pm at a new location:


Level 18, 1 Margaret Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

Get in touch

Mike Colibraro, Le Trinh and Ivy Hornibrook run the group.

We use the UX Book Club Sydney Google group to let you know what we are up to.

Alternatively, you can chat with us on @UXbookclub_SYD.

What is it all about?

Between 15 and 30 people turn up every two months to discuss a book about user experience design. It is a fun, friendly and relaxed event where you can meet other people working in the industry. The books are mostly about pure UX but sometimes we have a little fun and read something that relates to design but is not just about design.

There are heaps of meetups about UX - the bookclub is special because we get to slow things down a little and talk with each other.

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